NFL Draft 2022 Scouting Report: Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

NFL Draft 2022 Scouting Report: Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh's starting quarterback since 2018. Played 52 games during his career, 49 of them starting in the first minute.

Kenny Pickett Had an opportunity to enter the draft in 2020, but exercised his NCAA eligibility to play one more breakout season. Holder of several program records. 

Pittsburgh QB Kenny Pickett Scored over 4,000 passing yards in 2021, was one of the Heisman Trophy finalists, was named ACC MVP, and won the Johnny Unitas Award.

NFL Draft 2022 Scouting Report: Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

Height : 191 cm

Weight : 100 kg

40-Yard Dash : 4.73 second

Kenny Pickett Stats

4,319 passing yards, 42 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, 233 yards, and 5 carries.

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Kenny Pickett Positives

  • Not a bad build.
  • good level of athleticism to extend plays outside the envelope.
  • understands different offensive concepts.
  • above-average arm strength.
  • passes accurately on all three levels.
  • able to make unconventional decisions.
  • not afraid of physical contact with the opponent.

Kenny Pickett Negatives

  1. Unstable in terms of throwing timings.
  2. overholds the ball, leading to the need to scramble.
  3. often gets sacks that could have been avoided.
  4. does not always see open targets in the backfield.
  5. a small palm size.


Possesses good size and athleticism at quarterback. Played in a variety of schemes in college, which will make his adjustment to the NFL easier than other passers in this draft class. Possesses good accuracy and leadership qualities. Doesn't always fully read the situation on the field, focusing on his first target. Tends to overplay the ball, causing him to leave the envelope or take an unnecessary sack. Defenders of NFL teams will be punished for this noticeably more often than NCAA players. Could be a solid backup early in his career with prospects of growing into a starting lineup player.

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