Several notable statements on the topic of NFL running back contracts

Several notable statements on the topic of NFL running back contracts

Pittsburgh Steelers Running back Najee Harris, after a Zoom call with colleagues, said: "During the game, teams constantly rely on running backs. Coaches say, 'Go out there and finish the game.' The importance of running backs is only downplayed when it's time to pay. Where are our guarantees? There are none. You simply use us to achieve the desired results. And when it's time to extend contracts, you turn away and say, 'Oh, they're already squeezed like a lemon.'"

RB Najee Harris stated that during the running back meeting, they discussed the possibility of applying the franchise tag without being tied to the position, since "many running backs also catch the ball and block." Currently, only kickers and punters have a lower franchise tag than running backs.

The owner of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay, responded: "We negotiated and worked on the collective agreement for years, and a compromise was reached in the end. It's inappropriate to say that we should now renegotiate something with representatives of a specific position. Some agents simply behave dishonestly."

For the Colts' lead running back, Jonathan Taylor, the upcoming season will be the last under his rookie contract worth $7.5 million. His desire to sign a long-term contract has not been understood by the club's management.

Taylor's agent replied to Irsay: "Dishonest is not paying the best offensive player of your team."

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