Rob Gronkowski isn't going to resume his career

I won't intrigue you long - Rob Gronkowski isn't going to resume his career. But on Kay Adams' podcast, he gave a couple of interesting details about how he feels about football retirement.

Rob Gronkowski isn't going to resume his career

"I like to pretend I can still play. It makes me feel good to think that. But, of course, I don't - I've played out my time. But I like to pretend," said the 34-year-old former football tight end.

As for the question of what team he could be on, it's.... New York Giants. All because of the mutual liking between Tight End and coach Brian Daboll.

"Brian Daboll would love to have me on his team, I know that. I'm not saying he can get me out of retirement, but he'd have the best chance to do it," Gronk admitted.

The Giants have already acquired one powerful tight end this offseason, Darren Waller. The prospect of playing with him also pleased Gronk.

"That would be wildly awesome. I've always thought that having two Tight Ends on the field at the same time makes life difficult for the defense. A two-tight end offense can be invulnerable," Gronk concluded.

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