Tony Gonzalez vs Rob Gronkowski, who is the best title end in the NFL History

About six months ago, or so, a colleague asked me to write a note for our partners about their favorite players of all time. The list should consist of my favorites in different roles. The main thing is that these players do not overlap with those that have already been selected by previous authors. I had to scratch my curly and empty head a bit to figure out how to get out of a situation when Drew Brees is busy. Thank God, Captain Rogers always jumps somewhere nearby on one wooden leg, with an eternal parrot on his shoulder. The parrot, however, was fired a little later, but this is a different story.

This story is about how I gasped when I realized that no one before me chose Rob Gronkowski as their favorite tight end. Although this is probably easy to explain. “Patriots” do not like exactly as much as they love. They are tired of everyone. And then choose Brady, Gronk or Gostkovsky - some bad man, or something. But I decided to be honest with myself and others. Why shouldn’t there be a place in one of the best tight end-points in history? Due to being a Patriots player? Well, here you are: thank you: I do not feel any hatred for them. They are not Atlanta, so I have almost no problems with them. Or, I shouldn't have turned Rob on because of his not-too-distant mind? Well, I'm not Stephen Hawking either, thank heaven. Moreover, he did not promise to be Einstein. He should not be him.

It's kind of weird to quote myself. A bit arrogant, isn't it? But I want you to know that I eventually wrote about the 87th issue of New England. I will pretend that I am not quoting myself and will cite the next paragraph as if it were from this material. It seems that he did not quote himself, but he introduced him to the material (oh, and the Judeo-Mason!).

Gronk could compete with Tony Gonzalez, Shannon Sharpe and Antonio Gates for the title of the best tight end of all time. He is already somewhere in the top of the greatest players of his position. True, the abundance of injuries does not allow him to boast of the numbers of Gonzalez or Gates. Yes, and to hell with him. When you look at Rob, it seems that right before your eyes it will fall to pieces. But as soon as he picks up speed, as soon as he turns on the power of the moose during the mating period - that’s all, the curtain! Put out the light! He is one of the most dominant players I have ever seen. His 76 touchdowns are unrealistic, especially given the history of his medical record. Outside the field, he sleeps with porn actresses, and kindles from the heart. One of the liveliest characters in the league. A nice, kind man who was often hit on the head.

What did the Patriots get for Rob Gronkowski

Here! So I thought about Gronkowski some six months ago. Now I am ready to even reconsider my position. I am even more impressed with Rob Gronkowski. And now I have no doubt that he is the most dominant tight end in history. And ... the best?

Just a second, a second - take your time! All in order.

7:38 before the end of Super Bowl LIII, when the score in the game was 3: 3, and everything was on an equal footing, Tom Brady sharply threw the ball into the field, towards the left brow, and his main weapon - Rob Gronkowski - accepted the most difficult transfer . I believe that this was the most important clutch pass in the career of Tom Brady (especially considering how everything turned out before that). I’m not sure that he would have decided on this combination if he hadn’t seen that where he was shooting was Rob Gronkowski. Even despite the fact that at this moment Rob Gronkowski was in triple cover. Spit! This is the Gronk. Up to this point, Wade Phillips and his defense had arranged Brady a long, heavy night.After that, everything changed! Rob reached the mark three yards from the opponent’s offset. What happened next you know, right? This moment was a turning point in the final match of last season.

After 7 minutes of playing time, the “New England Patriots” will raise another champion trophy over their heads. Empire wins again! The Emperor and Darth Vader rejoice. Jubilant wife of Darth Vader. His children. The capital of the Empire rejoices - Boston!

Rob Gronkowski was jubilant as well, as long as the alcoholic couples and the silicone of his girlfriends set off the eternal pain with which he had to get along. When the hangover came from the dizzying victory in Atlanta, the Patriots tight end opened a bottle of cold beer, sighed sadly, dialed Bill Belichick's number and said he was “EVERYTHING!”

- I ask myself why this guy did not say that he was leaving immediately after winning the Super Bowl? It was the best moment! Probably, he was still thinking about the future, - American sports journalist Skip Baileys will question and speculate.

- It seems that he just wanted to celebrate the victory and nothing more. However, perhaps he several times figured out whether he should continue. But when you remember what pain you have to go through in order to enter the football field. How much strength, patience, have to make. You think no, guys, I won’t pull this anymore! - Shannon Sharpe will answer him.

How fast life is flowing - I didn’t have time to lie down, but they already bury you.

Gronk only 30! Although still 29! And, it seems, he no longer wants to suffer on the football field. If someone has questions about his departure, then everything is clear! Listen: what else does Gronkowski have to do, which he has not done before? He is a great player. Point! And no doubt the future hall of famer !!!

In the first two seasons in the NFL, Gronkowski played as many games as possible. In the next seven - he missed 29 games! That is, in fact, of the next seven seasons, he played only five, since for two whole seasons he suffered, was treated, and was recovering.

Over the years, Gronkowski injured everything that was possible. Elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, Achilles, back ... Lord, there’s no living place on this guy. In many ways, of course, this is due to its power. Now I’ll explain: this guy can only be cut down on the football field. It was impossible to defend against him with ordinary captures. No! You should have cut this guy down like a tree. If you ever hear the word “chop,” do not imagine chop blocks or loafers in uniform with rubber truncheons. Know: chop is the only possible defense against Rob Gronkowski. And you will immediately understand everything!

- He did everything right. In fact, in ordinary life he is still a very young man. Whole life ahead! Maybe he could stay. But then what? Go through it again and again? Go to training and understand that your knee failed? Get a back injury in a match? No, Rob Gronkowski left in time! - praised the decision of the Gronk Shannon Sharpe.

So, Rob's departure should not be a surprise to anyone. However, I understand the excitement of the Pats fans. I hope it is - this is the most excitement. It definitely should be!

And the matter is not in love for Gronk, but in the fact that he left behind himself scorched earth.

Honestly, it’s not yet clear to me who will receive the programs from Tom Brady. Yes, Edelman remains. But next? The situation with Hogan is not completely clear. Dorsett is not serious. Josh Gordon? Tell me any two other words that have a common connotation, and I will understand this much more than in Josh Gordon. The structure of synapses? Even here I will understand better than Josh Gordon. No one knows what Josh Gordon is. Even Josh Gordon himself does not know this. By the way, where is he?

They will tell me: “okay, last year the Gronk was injured for half a season, White and Edelman got caught from us!” You guys are in vain. Firstly, when it was most needed, it was Gronkowski who caught like a dad. Match with “Kansas” remember? And the turning point in the match with “Rams”? And, secondly, for Brady every year everything around becomes more complicated. Every year, as if, in a computer game, the level of difficulty increases for him. He is 42! And having a reliable Gronkowski nearby, albeit limited - is not enough!

And in White, I have no doubt! I propose a bet - White will have from 90 to 100 or more receptions next year. What are we arguing about?

But this is not from a good life ...

I know for sure that Belichick really wanted to get Jared Cook in the offseason. But Jared Cook put Brady and Brees on the scales - he thought that there was no big difference for him, and went to New Orleans. Maybe it's good for the Pats. Jared Cook is still an intellectual. How many teams have he changed over his career? Five?! I wonder why this is?

But at the moment, the selection of the tight end-points in the “Patriots” is as follows: Anderson, Hollister, Izzo, LaCossa. Impressive, huh?

And yet, “New England” has the main thing - Bill “old fox” Belichick. First, he’ll definitely come up with something. And, secondly, somewhere there, in the draft, hid Irv Smith-junior from Alabama. Wouldn't he be a tidbit of the cake with Boston tea party?

"Yes, Gronkowski is gone!” Now what? Never mind. Will you tell me that the Patriots are now over? I will never believe it until you wake me up in the middle of the night and say that Bill and Tom left the team! - with foam at the mouth Shannon Sharpe will prove.

But we, very far from the topic of this article. In fact, everything that was written earlier: about fishing in the finals, and about the abundance of injuries, and about the significance for the team, and about the scorched earth - all this should have brought us to one point. Rob Gronkowski - the greatest tight end in the history of American football? I put a question mark after this statement, only because you yourself have concluded. For you to make your own verdict. And in the following final paragraphs I will try to be a vehicle of several thoughts.

The problem of Rob Gronkowski is that he played too little. Yes, he was great. Perhaps he is the best title end in history when it comes to all the skills he has. But will I put him above Tony Gonzalez? Of course not! Tony has almost 1300 receptions, while Gronk is a little over 500. Rob Gronkowski - 7861 yards at the reception, Tony Gonzalez - 15127 per career! This is not even discussed. For me, he's such a prototype of Bill Walton's basketball center, only in American football. Walton was phenomenal. He won the championship as the leader of “Portland”, and then he was injured and quickly ended his career. Yes, he was a unique player, but how can his success be compared with what Abdul-Jabar and Chamberlain achieved?- says American journalist Stephen Hey. Smith

Let's discard the general achievements of Gonzalez and Gronkowski. When it comes to a long successful career, Tony G is second to none. But if we try to take the average figures of both football giants, Gronkowski will have more impressive statistics. For example, Rob scored an average of 15.1 yards per reception. Gonzalez scored nearly four yards less! Wow!

Rob Gronkowski spent the best season for the tight end in history. In 2011, he completed 90 receptions at 1,327 yards. Eleven years earlier, Tony Gonzalez spent the season with 93 (!) Receptions, but scored 200 yards less.

No one even argues that Gronk was the most dominant tight end in history. According to a set of skills, he broke away from his colleagues in the role for the whole galaxy. Shannon Sharp changed the game because he made him treat himself like a receiver. Tony Gonzalez - King of the overall classification, leader of the Pelaton. But there is still Antonio Gates ... But none of them combined all the talents at once. Gronk could play in the slot, in the edge, could show the top level of the block. He had everything - speed, power, amazing hands. I personally did not remember the moment when Brady was counting on Gronk, and he failed. And yet none of the tight-end bands in history ever looked so intimidating after the reception, as Rob did.
When I think of Gronkowski, a comparison with the center basketball comes to my mind. I would compare it with those centers that changed the game, both in defense and in offense. With the best, the greatest. This guy knew everything on the field. What does Bill Belichick require from players? Be smart on the football field, make the right decisions and be able to show the best game in the most difficult situations. This is all about Gronkowski! Look, despite all the difficulties of his character, which are usually not put up with in “New England”, it was always different with him. Because on the field and in training, he was always the player that Belichick needed! - the legendary receiver Chris Carter will enthusiastically say about Gronk.

It seems to me, when we talk about greatness, it is necessary to build on the peak of athletes. How tall was the athlete's peak, and how long did he hold it. If you ask me, there is no doubt that Gronkowski in this component has an advantage over any other tight end in history. His peak was higher, and he played on it long enough to call it the greatest tight end in history! - Amazed American journalist Max Kellerman.

In the end, when we talk about Rob Gronkowski, we must not forget about his contribution to the success of the New England Patriots. He played in one of the greatest (if not the greatest!) Teams in history and was the second best offensive player of this team.

Why do athletes go to the field, ice or court? For the sake of victories, of course. Everything else is secondary. With victories, Gronk is in full order!

When it comes to the playoffs ... I’ll just announce the statistics. Gronkowski has a playoff result: 13 wins with 3 defeats. He is a leader by the average number of yards per reception among all the tight ends - 14.4, and yards per game - 72. 7. For example, Tony Gonzalez has 9.6 yards per reception and 40.9 yards on average for 7 games in the play offs in which his team won only one (!) victory. And the most successful tight end (except for Gronk) in the playoffs of Shannon Sharpe: 13.1 yards per reception, and at the same time 20-odd yards less on average per game (45.2 yards).

By the number of touchdowns in the playoffs - regardless of position - Rob is second only to the legendary Jerry Rice, and is head-on-head superior to his colleagues in the lineup.

- Gronkowski is the greatest tight end in history! You know, we always devoted so much time to the analysis of the “Patriots” before meeting them. But believe me, there was no player whom our defense would take apart more than Rob Gronkowski. If I needed to compose my team, I would have taken Gronk to the place of the tight end without hesitation! - The Patriots receive, Victor Cruz, will appreciate the tight end of the Patriots title.

At the same time, I did not say that Gronk is, however, the greatest tight end in history. I do not say anything like that! I just shared a couple of theses and some figures. In the end, those who do not support this idea will always have an argument - Gronkowski played with Brady. And it is true! Gonzalez, Brady, never had. And Sharpe played in teams that were built a little differently, which prevented him from gaining a large number of touchdowns.

- I was never the main goal in the end-zones, so the number of touchdowns of the Gronk in the playoffs does not bother me at all. But one thing I can tell you for sure: we had no difference in quarterbacks! He played with the great. And I played with the great! - will say Sharpe, who was lucky enough to play with John Alway.

Whatever it was, recently a truly great player has announced the end of his career. So let's give him his due. At least this off-season, Gronkowski will be considered the best tight end in history . And there a new season starts, and we will again practice in arguing our opinion on this topic. We will still have the same trump cards in our hands: Gonzalez, Sharpe, Gates and Rob Gronkowski.

- He is not just a great player who proved his skills on the football field, but also the soul of the team. He held our team together with his presence. And this, perhaps, we will miss most of all! - Tom Brady will say about his partner and friend.

In 2020 season Rob Gronkowski and his Patriots teammate tom brady joined tampa bay buccaneers

The reason why Rob Gronkowski joined buccaneers, because his mother lives 2 hours away

Oh yes! I completely forgot. Then the other day, Jason Witten returned to big football. So maybe Gronk’s story is not over yet?

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