Amari Cooper set new records with the Browns

Amari Cooper set new records with the Browns

It didn't take long for star WR Amari Cooper to leave a mark that will be hard to erase in the Cleveland Browns organization, especially when it comes to records.

First, and just starting last game against the Texans, Cooper completed a 53-yard reception to reach 1,000 yards through the air for the second straight year, becoming the team's first WR with back-to-back seasons with those numbers. The only one to do it before in Cleveland history was TE Ozzie Newsome, but as we can see, not from the same position.

It is also important to note that Cooper has seven seasons of 1,000 or more yards in nine seasons with teams such as the Raiders, Cowboys and, most recently, Browns.

In this game he had 11 receptions, 265 yards and two TDs, only the fourth player in the entire NFL to have 200 or more yards and two TDs in more than three career games. Only Don Hutson (four times), Charlie Hennigan (three times) and Tyreek Hill (three times) have accomplished the same.

What place does Amari Cooper deserve in the history of the NFL after these achievements? Can he be considered a historic player? Why?

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