NFL Draft : Top Prospects 2021

In this Article we will show 2021 NFL Draft Top Prospects and their positions and their performance in the field.

OT Penei Sewell (198cm, 147kg), Oregon

Penei Sewell - NFL 2021 Prospects

Best college football tackle to date and one of the best overall draft players. For Oregon, Sewell spent two full seasons in 2018 and 2019, winning with the Rose Bowl team and becoming the owner of the Outland Trophy, the prestigious award for the best linear at the end of the year.

👍🏻Excellent anthropometric data; athletic and agile; is not excluded from the fight; reads the game well, recognizes blitz; does not get lost when moving defenders before snap

👎🏻Not so good when playing outside ; may have difficulty against physically more powerful and larger opponents

📝Sewell is an NFL-level offensive tackle. A talented player with no obvious weaknesses will be able to significantly improve the problem line of attack, which are enough in the league. Most likely to be selected in the top 5 draft.

DE Rashad Weaver (196cm, 122kg), Pittsburgh Panthers

Rashad Weaver | 2021 NFL Prospects

Experienced Pittsburgh Defensive End who played three full seasons and missed 2019 with a ruptured knee ligament. In the past season, he became one of the best pass-rushers of student football and, as a result, was included in the symbolic team. In nine games in 2020, Weaver has 34 captures (including 14 negative ones) and 7.5 sacks.

👍🏻Tall and powerful, skillfully uses his size and physical characteristics; has a good start spurt; hardworking; good technical arsenal.

Speed ​​is slightly above average, he loses most of it when in contact with a linear attack; possible consequences of ruptured knee ligaments; lack of athleticism; not the best hand technique. 

A promising pass rusher capable of playing on either side of the formation. He is distinguished by good football intelligence, which allows him to compensate for some of the disadvantages in his game. Weaver is able to benefit from the early days of a team struggling with the position of the defensive end, but due to a history of injuries, he is likely to be selected only in the third round.

DE Patrick Jones II (196 cm, 113 kg), Pittsburgh

Patrick Jones II NFL Prospects 2021

Edge Rusher of Pittsburgh, which has confirmed its status as one of the best prospects in this position in the 2020 season. In eleven games of the season, Jones chalked up 42 tackles (including 12.5 yards lost) and 9 sacks, and was named to the all-star team for the year.

👍🏻Has an excellent starting spurt; fast and mobile, even breaking into the backfield often manages to come back and help partners against the takeout; good physical

👎🏻characteristics and dimensions In pass-rush he plays rather monotonously; does not always assess the game situation correctly, makes mistakes on snap-count; avoids full contact in some episodes, trying to complete an attack at the expense of hands, which leads to misses

📝 Jones is a defensive end for a 4-3 scheme in both his skill set and stats. He is far from being a ready player for the NFL, but he has a high ceiling and can come in handy outright as a third pass rusher, entering the field in individual episodes. Most likely to be drafted towards the end of the second round.

LB Micah Parsons (191 cm, 111 kg), Penn State

Micah Parsons 2021 NFL Prospects

In the past, a five-star recruit, played as a defensive end at school, changed roles in college. As part of Penn State, Parsons spent two full seasons in 2018 and 2019, recording 191 captures, 6.5 sacks and 6 forced fumbles. At the end of 2019, he was recognized as the best linebacker of the Big Ten conference and entered the team of stars of the season.

👍🏻An explosive and athletic player for every down; useful against carryover; physical data allows you to play as a cover against tight ends; has the skills of a pass rusher; reads well and feels the game

👎🏻Makes mistakes in captures, may not be aggressive enough; not always disciplined; cover skills need to be improved

📝 By the totality of all characteristics, LB Micah Parsons is one of the greatest talents in the draft class. He is able to immediately drastically influence the game of the linebacker corps of the team that chose him and in the future become one of the brightest stars in the league. A clear peak for the beginning of the first round.

QB Kyle Trask (196cm, 109kg), Florida Gators

Kyle Trask 2021 NFL Prospects

quarterback who earned a starting lineup at the start of the 2019 season after injury to Feleipe Franks. In the season that ended, Trask broke the program's record for the most passing touchdowns in a season, and in all in his student career, he played in 27 games, gaining 7386 yards with 69 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

👍🏻Dimensional and physically powerful; always ready to finish the rally with feet; good middle pass; game reading skills; quickly navigates run-pass-opshn; played in various formations throughout his career

👎🏻You need to develop skills in playing in an envelope; the strength and accuracy of long-range throws leaves much to be desired; under pressure can delay with decision and throw; problems with keeping the ball when scrambled; Not mobile enough by NFL standards 

oversized quarterback favored by some NFL general managers. The ratio of touchdowns to interceptions suggests that Trask as a whole rarely makes mistakes. The best career option for him is a team with a good attacking line, relying on short and medium passes. Can be selected at the end of the first or second round.

LB Chazz Surratt (191cm, 104kg), North Carolina 

Chazz Surratt NFL Prospects 2021

The oldest of two brothers entering the draft this year. Chazz spent the first two years of his student career as a quarterback and cannot count them as an asset. In 2019, he retrained as linebackers and immediately became one of the highlights of the season. Twice he was included in the first team of stars of the ACC. Last season, he played 11 games, making 91 captures, 6 sacks and an interception.

👍🏻Elite level starting acceleration; excellent remote speed; equally useful in cover and blitz; aggressive; has great potential

👎🏻Game reading skills need to be developed; unstable on grips due to errors in the choice of angles of attack; not the greatest experience of playing a linebacker; muscle mass is required

📝A great talent for a team that can afford to spend some time polishing it. At the same time, thanks to his athleticism, Chazz will be useful in his first season. Likely pick of the second or start of the third round, although enough mock drafts send it down and down the first.

CB Ifeatu Melifonwu (188 cm, 97 kg), Syracuse

Ifeatu Melifonwu NFL 2021 Top Prospects

From 2018 to 2020, Melifonwu played for Syracuse in 29 matches. He finished last season with 54 tackles, 6 passes, interception and sack. The younger brother of safety Obi Melifonwu, a former Raiders and Patriots player.

👍🏻Excellent physical data; good at personal cover; does not give the receiver much freedom; wins the fight for the ball due to his speed and arm length; reliable in tackles against cross-country attack

👎🏻Ball handling skills leave much to be desired; does not always read routes correctly; often betrays his intentions with a glance; speed, though high, but not elite level

Has excellent defensive potential, primarily relying on power football. One of the best cornerbacks in the class in mirror cover. At the same time, his skills require serious refinement and it is possible that in the NFL he will have to move to a safety position. Can be selected in the second round of the draft.

Safety Richie Grant (183 cm, 88 kg), UCF

Richie Grant NFL Top Prospects 2021

Starting XI member of the team in the last three years. From 2018 to 2020, Grant was included in the first team of stars of the ACC conference. In nine games last season, he featured three interceptions, two forced fumbles and a sack.

👍🏻One of the most athletic draft Defensive backs; high-speed; can act across the entire width of the field; has good ball playing skills; useful in cover in depth of field, in the slot and in boxing

👎🏻Sometimes actions get ahead of the thought, which leads to mistakes; In college, he compensated for his failures in covering with his athleticism, which would be more difficult in the NFL; he turns 24 this year, so Grant has less room for growth than other players in the class

Safety Trevon Morig (188 cm, 94 kg), TCU

Trevon Morig NFL Draft 2021 Top Prospects

One of the best safety in college football, winner of the Jim Thorpe award for the best d-back in 2020. For three seasons of performances as part of TCU, he chalked up 7 steals and 21 shot down passes. Twice included in the first team of stars of the Big-12 conference.

👍🏻Dynamic playmaker; plays on the ball and often gets to it; good at covering, especially in cover-1; reads the game well and knows how to recognize the routes of opponents; possesses leadership qualities

👎🏻Worse plays against carry-over; you need to work on the capture technique; does not always choose the correct angle of attack of the opponent; may have difficulty understanding more complex offensive concepts in the NFL

📝A talented d-back, able to take the place of the third safety in almost any team in the debut season. Thanks to his high football IQ, Morig shouldn't take long to adapt. His choice will likely be at the end of the first or the top of the second round.

OT Rashawn Slater (191cm, 138kg), Northwestern 

Rashawn Slater NFL Draft 2021 Top Prospects

Linear Attacker, experienced in all positions. In 2017, Pro Football Focus named him the best rookie lineman. In three years of performances, he missed only five sacks. He turned down his last season, but that shouldn't affect Slater's draft prospects.

👍🏻Mobile and athletic; works well with legs; due to the starting spurt, he can get an advantage over pass-rushers; a station wagon capable of operating anywhere in the line

👎🏻Anthropometric data not the best for a tackle; you need to gain more muscle mass; does not always take the correct position in the stance due to which it loses balance

📝High-quality linear, able to withstand high-speed pass-rushes. Can close any position, but due to its size at the NFL level will likely start with a guard. Surely he will be selected in the first round, perhaps even in the top 10.

WR Tylan Wallace (183cm, 84kg) Oklahoma State

Tylan Wallace 2021 Top Prospects

Leading Receiver Oklahoma State for the past three seasons. In 2018, he scored 1,491 yards with 12 touchdowns and made the all-star team of the season. In the past two years, Wallace has been getting close to the 1,000 yard mark.

👍🏻One of the best ball receivers in the class; athletic, good body control; can help on blocks when taking out; gaining good yards after catching

👎🏻Mike Gundy played a limited number of routes; need to improve the game under the cover; suffered a cruciate ligament rupture in 2019

📝Wallace is a receiver with a good foundation for further development. He can play X- or Z-receiver, is reliable in handling the ball and performs well on routes, albeit on a limited number of them. He is expected to be selected at the end of the second or beginning of the third round.

WR Amon-Ra St. Brown (185 cm, 88 kg), USC

Amon-Ra St. Brown NFL 2021 Top Prospects

Medium of the three St. Browns brothers, one of the main targets in the Southern California attack. In six games last season, Amon-Ra scored 478 yards with 7 touchdowns, up from 1,042 yards a year earlier.

👍🏻Excellent body control; ball playing skills; agile, with good starting jerk; has experience in playing from the slot and at the edge of the field; developed game intelligence

👎🏻Not the best speed at a distance; did not work on all routes in college; need to work on the skill of creating a separation from guardians

📝A good slot receiver that can play on the edge of the field. He opens up well and can be very useful on short to medium passes, especially if there are players on the team that are pulling the defense off. Most likely he will be drafted in the second round, although the ending of the first is not excluded.

OT Jalen Mayfield (196cm, 145kg) Michigan

Jalen Mayfield NFL Draft 2021 Prospects

main right tackle with little experience on the left side. In 2019, he played thirteen matches in the starting lineup and was included in the team of stars of the Big Ten conference. In the last season he took part in two matches.

👍🏻Athletic; has excellent physical characteristics; mobile; useful in portable play, easily moving forward; reads the game well; due to the reaction, they are not bad in the game against high-speed pass-rushers.

👎🏻Does not work with hands very confidently; giving up in the fight more often gives up than trying to find another way to beat the opponent; despite its size, from time to time it is inferior to power pass-rushers; not too much gaming experience

📝Universal linear, capable of leaving right or left tackle. Mayfield's strong point is the passing game, but he is useful in defending the pass. The player has a high cap and is likely to be drafted early in the second round.

OT Liam Eichenberg (198cm, 137kg), Notre Dame 

Liam Eichenberg 2021 NFL Draft Top Prospects

starting left tackle, a program that regularly delivers quality line attacks to the NFL. Over the course of three seasons, Liam played 38 games in the starting lineup, repeatedly becoming the best tackle according to the Pro Football Focus ratings. In the last season, he entered the ACC and FBS All-Star Team in general.

👍🏻An intelligent player, well versed in the actions of defense, reads blitz; one of the best linear draft class in terms of speed of decision making on the field; technical, works well with hands and feet; effective in defending both pass and clearance.

👎🏻Moderate athleticism; its potential is inferior to other promising draft-class tackles; does not have high speed and mobility

📝Eichenberg looks ready to play in the NFL from the outset of his professional career. He compensates for his shortcomings with game intelligence. He may not grow into an elite tackle, but he will almost certainly become a quality player with a long and distinguished career. The best option for him would be a team playing strength outdoor soccer. Will be selected at the end of the first or at the beginning of the second round.

RB Najee Harris (188 cm, 104 kg), Alabama

Najee Harris 2021 Best Prospects

Alabama Runningback , which has long been a mark of quality in himself. One of the best recruits of the 2017 class spent four seasons with the team, in the last two he was its main runner. In 2019 and 2020, RB Najee Harris averaged 1,224 and 1,466 yards, respectively. In total, in his career, he has 3843 yards and 46 touchdowns on the way, 781 yards and 11 touchdowns on reception.

👍🏻He sees the field perfectly, does not hurry, choosing the direction for the attack; due to strength and speed, it drops grips, gaining yards after contact; in Alabama he played in a variety of attacking schemes; accurate in handling the ball; knows how to work on routes as a host; due to its size, it is able to withstand blitz linebackers

👎🏻Technical flaws when playing as a blocker; distance speed is good, but not elite; by the time he starts his professional career, he will be 23 years old, more than a significant number of other newcomers.

📝Harris's shortcomings cannot be called critical. Through his college career, he validated all the advances made to him. The choice of running backs in the first round of the draft has remained one of the intrigues of the event in recent years, and the value of the position remains a subject for discussion. This year Harris is exactly the player who can be selected very high.

Kicker Jose Borregales (178 cm, 93 kg), Miami Hurricanes

Jose Borregales NFL Draft 2021 Top Prospects

An experienced kicker who played three seasons in the Florida International program, and spent the last year in Miami. In 2020, Borregales had one of the best kicker seasons in the program, with 97 points in 13 games: 37 accurate extrapoints out of 37, 20 out of 22 field goal attempts. Winner of the Lou Groza Prize for Best College Football kicker.

Great gaming experience; scored both 50+ yard shots last season; also has experience in playing panthers; one of the best kickers in FBS for getting the kick off.

One of the top three Draft Kickers, having just finished a great season. May qualify for a pick in the sixth or seventh round of the draft and is likely to create additional competition in a team struggling to hit the ball.

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