Washington Football Quarterbacks : 2020 Roster Rankings & Franchise Stats & Predictions

Washington Football team 2020 Season - Franchise stats, Predictions, Salaries and Cap Hits. Ranking the roster by position: Quarterbacks.

Taylor Heinicke roster rankings and franchise stats
Taylor Heinicke |Image /Wikimedia.org


1. Alex Smith 

Cap Hit $24.4 Million 

2020 Season: 205/328, 66.7%, 1,582 yards, 6-8 TD: INT

Smith is back and has achieved far more than even his own doctors thought possible. At the same time, Alex simply cannot play at the same level. Strange things have happened, but no one expects his return in 2021.

2. Steven Montez 

Cap Hit $780,000

Season 2020: N / A

Montez has yet to play an NFL game, either in the regular season or the preseason. Most likely, in 2021 he will be included in the training camp and, possibly, will again be signed in to the squad practice.


Kyle Allen

Season 2020: 60/87, 69%, 610 yards, 4-1 TD: INT

Allen is an exclusive free agent, no exclusivity, meaning he's a veteran with less than 3 seasons and his contract has expired ... If Washington offers him a contract for at least one year, he will not be able to negotiate with any other team. Allen is expected to return to the team, but it will depend on how soon he recovers from his injury and is activated from IR.

Taylor Heinicke

2020 Season: 12/19, 63.2%, 137 yards, 1-0 TD: INT (regular only)

Heinicke is a Restricted Free Agent, which means he can negotiate with any other team, but the Washington Football Team can choose to extend the qualifying offer or draft compensation (the front office is rumored to want a round 2 picks for him). This makes it highly likely that Heinicke will return unless the other team offers him something crazy. Presumably in 2021, he will be competing with Allen and another QB, who is not yet on the list, for the position of the team's starting quarterback.


Washington will re-sign Allen and Heinicke for 2 and 1 years, respectively. Alex Smith will retire and since the team is unable to pick a promising QB newcomer in the draft, they may have to sign or trade for a veteran like Matt Stafford.

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