Greatest Buffalo Bills Comebacks

The Buffalo Bills are best known for their comeback power - or their power to comeback from a great offset that no one expects them to win, catch up on nor even tie.

Buffalo Bills Comebacks

The Buffalo Bills are an American Football team which headquarters in Buffalo, New York’s Orchard Park. They compete in the Eastern Division of the AFC (American Football League) in the NFL (National Football League) before they moved into the NFL during the AFL-NFL merger.

The Bills won two consecutive AFL titles in 1964 and 1965, but the club has not won a championship since the merger. Buffalo is also the first and only team to win four consecutive American Football Conference Championships, though they failed to win any of the subsequent Super Bowls. The Bills are named after Buffalo Bill Cody, the winning entry in a local contest. The Bills' cheerleaders are known as the Buffalo Jills. The official mascot is Billy Buffalo. Other notable mascots include Buffalo Bruno, Buffalo Elvis, Mike Talty, and Captain Buffalo.

They are currently the only NFL team to play their home games within New York State. Both the New York Jets and the New York Giants play in the suburb of East Rutherford, New Jersey outside of New York City.

The following are some of the Buffalo Bills Greatest Comebacks:

Buffalo 37, Indianapolis 35 - September 21, 1997 at Rich Stadium

The Bills mounted the second-larges comeback in NFL regular season history when they overturned a 26-0 deficit. Rookie RB Antowain Smith capped off Buffalo's scoring frenzy when he crashed through the line and scampered 54 yards. He had scored the go-ahead TD (30-29) on a one-yard plunge on the previous series.

Buffalo 34, Miami 31 (OT) - October 25, 1987 at Joe Robbie Stadium

The Bills fell behind 21-0 but battled back in the second half to set the stage for kicker Scott Norwood's 27-yard field goal in overtime.

The Houston Comeback In The Playoffs

Buffalo 41, Houston 38 (OT) - January 3, 1993 at Rich Stadium

QB Frank Reich started for an injured Jim Kelly and brought Buffalo back from a 32-point 3rd quarter deficit in the AFC Wild Card Playoff to record the greatest comeback in NFL history. Four of the Bills' 5 TDs came on Reich passes (3 to WR Andre Reed) and K Steve Christie kicked the 32-yard winning FG in OT.

Noteable Comebacks - Bills & Opponents

Largest deficit overcome in victory

269/21/97 vs. Indianapolis (trailed 26-0, won 37-35)

2110/25/87 at Miami (trailed 21-0, won 34-31)

199/16/82 vs. Minnesota (trailed 19-0, won 23-22)

1812/9/01 vs. Carolina (trailed 24-6, won 25-24)

179/7/61 vs. N.Y. Titans (trailed 17-0, won 41-31)

10/28/62 at Denver (trailed 24-7, won 45-38)

10/9/88 vs. Indianapolis (trailed 17-0, won 34-23)

9/1/96 at N.Y. Giants (trailed 17-0, won 23-20)

Largest lead surrendered in loss

2111/9/75 vs. Baltimore (led 21-0 and 28-7, lost 42-35)

12/15/85 at Pittsburgh (led 21-0, lost 30-24)

189/20/98 vs. St. Louis (led 28-10, lost 34-33)

179/15/62 vs. Denver (led 20-3, lost 23-20)

11/10/68 vs. Miami (led 17-0, lost 21-17)

10/27/85 at Philadelphia (led 17-0, lost 21-17)

Largest deficit overcome in tie

1710/16/66 vs. San Diego (trailed 17-0, tied 17-17)

810/12/68 at Miami (trailed 14-6, tied 14-14)

711/3/62 vs. Boston (trailed 14-7, tied 28-28)

12/10/72 vs. Detroit (trailed 7-0, tied 21-21)

Largest lead surrendered in tie

3111/27/60 at Denver (led 38-7, tied 38-38)

179/22/63 vs. Kansas City (led 27-10, tied 27-27)

1411/3/62 vs. Boston (led 28-14, tied 28-28)

11/15/70 at Baltimore (led 14-0, tied 17-17)

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