Buffalo Bills and Ravens Are Up to trip to the AFC Championship

After the first playoff win in 25 years, The Buffalo Bills will play against The Baltimore Ravens on Saturday Night For a trip to go to the AFC Championship Game.

Lamar Jackson vs Josh Allen after bills against Ravens game
Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen /Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson vs Josh Allen

The two Quarterbacks That had the most criticism and the Least Expectations put on them. Everyone said Lamar Jackson was going to be a receiver. He should switch positions, he’s never Going to accomplish anything, and with josh Allen, They recognized that he had a big arm But they said he would never Ever be an accurate quarterback. These Two are changing the narratives And they’ve been the two most successful quarterbacks of their drafts.

Baker Mayfield is slowly approaching there now And he’s starting to get there himself. He also won his game which we already talked about, but like You already know these two We want to see them go at it, because you know bills and rams fans, All season have been arguing about who’s Better.

Lamar Jackson won MVP Last year, so he should get it. but josh Allen’s playing at a high level this Year, We’ve had the debate, and I’m sure, There’s going to be a lot of trash talk And debates this week between Lamar Jackson and josh Allen, But all that debate is going to end Saturday night, because these two are Going to go at it For a trip to the AFC championship game. And honestly I Love this in general.

AFC Championship : Kansas City Chiefs or Cleveland

As for Cleveland themselves, since They’re going to Kansas City, I wish them The best of luck. But I’m not picking them I want Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City chiefs to Win this game. I want Kansas City in the AFC Championship game this is exactly How I wanted it to go. Because if this is going to be a Redemption season for the ravens. They owe the NFL fans an AFC Championship game Between them and the chiefs. Everybody wanted to see that last season And because Baltimore couldn’t get it done against Tennessee, We all lost that chance the ravens have A chance To redeem themselves to get back to the AFC championship game And get to take on the homes and the Chiefs at that point.

Lamar Jackson vs Patrick Mahomes

There’ll be two narratives we’ve got to deal with Lamar Jackson cannot beat Patrick Mahomes and Kansas Chiefs and Lamar Jackson can’t take his Team to bone win. Those are the two narratives that are pretty much the most you know talked about now that Lamar’s won a Playoff game the only way Lamar and the Crew Can shut those narratives up, is that They get to the AFC championship game. And the only way to do that is to go Through josh Allen in the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills Mafia fans

Ravens flock and Bills Mafia fans

It’s going down it’s going down I’ll say This bills Let’s try to keep this respectable lets’s Try to show some. We could talk trash but let’s not get Too far. And there shouldn’t be any level of Arrogance between The two fan bases, let’s keep it clean, Let’s keep it right. You can still talk trash but let’s be Respectable, and don’t get cocky arrogant.

Trust me it’s not going to end well we’re Going to go at it this week. There’s going to be a lot of debates this Week. I can’t wait but this is beautiful, Because I believe most of us think yeah, Chiefs are going to the AFC championship Game, unless Cleveland pulls off the upset which is possible, but I don’t see my homes getting upset or Going one and done at home. No way so yeah, Lamar Jackson and Patrick, Lamar Jackson And josh Allen have a chance to get to The AFC championship game, To take on that man Patrick mahomes for a trip to the Super Bowl.

This is exactly what you want If you’re a ravens fan. This is exactly what you want as a bills Fan. The bills I mean they had no problem going up Against Pittsburgh in the divisional Round, but I mean I feel like bill’s fans. Want to end this debate At least for right now, who knows what’s Going to happen moving forward they want to solidify.

Their claim of josh Allen being the Better quarterback And we not only want to solidify our Claim, but we also want to get back to That game. To see if we can take that dude down my Homes, It’s all about getting to my homes. Okay you want to get to my homes in Kansas City and you want to see if you Can beat that team to get to the Super Bowl. Baltimore this is what’s it about This is what you have to do if this is our Redemption season And so far it’s played off like that We’ve been redeeming ourselves getting our playoff Win now we’ve got to get it done against Buffalo And I’m not going to lie I really like our Chances against buffalo And I know buffalo fans really like Their chance against Baltimore I don’t Know How the weather is going to be there, but I’ve heard that it’s Possibly going to snow on Saturday so Man if that’s the case we’re going to be playing in the snow it’s going to be crazy.

Ravens Defense scheme 

the way Ravens defense play against titans, Can’t really play like that against the Bills, I mean we really zoned in and focused on just stopping the run in General And you know we really left our safeties Out there on man-to-man and just One-on-one coverages. Can’t do that against buffalo, they got Receivers man, and if you go leave Anybody want to get Stefon Diggs, oh man josh Allen’s going to kill You And Stefan Dave he's going to burn you. And Obviously you can’t leave colt Beasley Over the middle because even though he’s Still recovering. He can still be a threat and then, There’s josh Allen himself And trying to get this man down.

It’s Definitely going to be a battle, but I can say this man I watched that goals game. I saw What the bill’s defense was giving up. I Saw what they were doing. I saw how they played, And I’m not going to lie I really like our Offensive chances Against this bill’s defense. There are a couple of things our Defense showed That was very lacking, and I know if josh Allen in this offense goes against that, They will exploit it.

So Baltimore’s Gotta reenact their game Plan and prepare for this cause trust me This is a team you haven’t played this Season They haven’t played us we haven’t played Time however The matchup we did see last year between Them, It ended in the 24-17 victory for us. Marcus peters makes a stop on fourth Down at the goal, and we take that Victory It was in buffalo, so I’ll say this for Baltimore You’ve beaten josh Allen before, and We’ve won in Buffalo before with this quarterback Here granted It’s night and day between them josh Allen is not the same quarterback he was Last year so some of the things you were getting away with you’re not getting Away with here.


If you leave Diggs open, or he burns your Receiver trust me Josh Allen’s delivering that ball with perfect accuracy on time And we are going to be done, so I’m going To need the secondary to step up Big they’re going to be a big part of This week because I don’t believe our Pass rush is getting to josh Allen much They’re going to be I mean they didn’t Really get the tana you know much so What do I think what can I expect for Them to do it gets out So yeah now this is going to come down To our secondary So Humphrey you were really the only one Today in the secondary that didn’t Actually play Necessarily well, and you called yourself out for that, so I’m going to need you to step your game up Because there are going to be times when You’re covering stuff on Diggs And you can’t get beat like that AJ Brown is a physical dude. But this man stepped Stefon Diggs, the speed his ability to cut his route running. 

All of them are elite and trust me he’ll Cook you man he’ll cook you I’m free you got to be on you’re a-game I need to see my all-pro corner Play like an all-pro corner on Saturday Because we have a real chance to get to The AFC championship game and if we can pull that off You get another shot in my homes you get A legit another shot at my homes And once that happens we’ll be ready Yeah bill’s mafia We’re ready you’re ready Saturday Night’s going to be crazy I can’t wait to see this game go down I know it’s going to be wild With that being said we’ll definitely be talking about this week, but I just wanted to tell bill’s mafia Let’s get it may the best team win on Saturday night. 

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