Former offensive coordinator: Candidate quarterback Mac Jones will be a good fit for the Patriots

The retired former New England Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis does not want to predict how his old club will improve the quarterback position.

Mac Jones

But Weis is very optimistic about Mac Jones from the University of Alabama and thinks he is a good fit for the Patriots.

"What are the two most important elements of a star quarterback? They have excellent psychology. They pass the ball accurately. He is such a player," Weis said.

Weis helped the Patriots win the first three Super Bowl titles in team history and played an important role in the early stages of quarterback Tom Brady's growth. After giving this brief evaluation of Jones, Wise was asked to explain his views further in another interview.

One of the unfavorable factors for Jones is that he was surrounded by all-star players during college, but Weis believes this is actually a positive factor.

"You talked about his teammates are very good. Yes, he has good players around him. But in a team with many stars, who is the leader of the offensive team?" Weis said. "He has to finish all these passes. I think this kid is an outstanding quarterback. He has fewer flaws than anyone."

In addition, Jones' athleticism is not as good as other top quarterback seedlings in this year's draft. But Weis believes that although Jones from Nick Saban has shortcomings, he has a better advantage.

"If you are looking for a player who often rushes for 30 yards, he is not the one you are looking for. But he can move flexibly in the quarterback protection net, can run out of the protection net, and hold the ball when he is definitely needed. Advance."

"When you talk about Trevor Lawrence, what makes him so special is that he can do everything Mac Jones does and his athleticism is excellent. Justin Fields, a very good player. Zach Wilson, a very good player. The kid from North Dakota State University (Trey Lance), a very good player."

"But this man, (Mac Jones), he is a player who can complete all offenses. All he does is win the ball and complete the pass."

Weis believes that Jones' situation is similar to Drew Brees when he left Purdue University in 2001 for the draft.

"The reason why he was selected in the second round was because everyone said,'He never stood behind a center forward to receive the ball and his arm is not strong enough.' What he did was perform at Purdue University. Excellent, complete almost every pass," Weis said. "What happened after he entered the league?"

After Brady, who played for the team for 20 years, left the team, the Patriots signed Cam Newton as the starting quarterback. As a result, in last season, Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the championship, while the Patriots missed the playoffs. In this year's draft, the Patriots held the 15th overall pick. Will they pick a quarterback?

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