Quarterback Tua: Former teammate Mac Jones is the better athletic Brady

Mac Jones with his team mate Tua Tagavailoa

As the draft draws closer, the candidate quarterbacks begin to gain more attention.

Among the many top quarterbacks considered to be among the best, Mac Jones, who led the University of Alabama to the national championship last season, is often overlooked.

Jones’s former teammates believed that teams that ignored Jones would make the same mistakes as they ignored Tom Brady in the 2000 draft.

"I think he is a player who is good at avoiding and has excellent athleticism," Miami Dolphin quarterback Tua Tagovailoa commented on Jones. "He is Tom Brady who is more athletic."

We all know that mobility has never been Brady's strong suit. But Brady relied on other abilities to become the greatest player in history. This evaluation of Tagovailoa seems to mean that he believes that Jones is similar to Brady in the most important abilities, and is better than him in Brady's weaknesses.

Tagovailoa said that like Brady, Jones' teammates also like him. Jones has served as Tagovailoa's substitute for three seasons.

"He is really a good guy," Tagovailoa said. "When I played in Alabama, many people really like to get along with him and love him as a person. So I think they are very lucky no matter which team chooses him. He is a great player."

Interestingly, Brady's former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis  also gave Jones the praise. He thinks Jones is a perfect fit for the New England Patriots because he has the same personality as Brady.

"What are the two most important elements of a star quarterback?" Wise said in an interview earlier. "They have excellent psychological qualities. And they pass the ball accurately. Jones is such a player."

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