Tom Brady's epic trolling of Dallas Cowboys

Tom Brady's epic trolling of Dallas Cowboys

When the news was released that in the opening game the champion Buccaneers will host the Dallas Cowboys, the quarterback did not miss the opportunity to play a joke on his social networks.

Through his Instagram account, Tom posted a story in which he says he is anxious for September 9 to arrive for the start of the regular season. He also added the phrase: Excited to open against "America's Team" and a meme of the popular WandaVision series, which makes reference to the fact that what he said is a total lie.

Tom Brady's epic trolling of Dallas Cowboys, Instagram post

Being a kid raised in California and a loyal fan of the San Francisco 49'ers in the days of Joe Montana and Steve Young, it's only natural that the Dallas Cowboys are not exactly Tom Brady's cup of tea. He even once openly mentioned: "I've disliked the Cowboys ever since I came out of my mother's womb".

Since his arrival in Tampa Bay, the veteran quarterback has shown a notorious evolution in terms of his use of social networks. Since then, he is seen with a more relaxed attitude and with a tendency to play jokes of this type. Undoubtedly, the GOAT of the NFL (for many) knows it and feels comfortable with it.

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