Is Colts trade QB Carson Wentz to Commanders a good deal?

Is Colts trade QB Carson Wentz to Commanders a good deal?

The Colts traded QB Carson Wentz and 2nd round pick NFL Draft 2022 to the Commanders, for 2nd round pick NFL Draft 2022, and 3rd round picks NFL Draft 2022 and NFL Draft 2023 respectively.

Washington has been looking for QBs for a long time, and decided Carson Wentz was their guy. Also, the Commanders are taking over, in its entirety, Carson Wentz's contract, $28 million a year. And that's with the team's total cap space of $33 million.

There is one nuance here though, the money is guaranteed ONLY for 2022. So essentially, Commanders acquired him on a one year deal. Hopefully, Rivera and Co. know what they're doing.

Now there will be many voices going around about how this is a useless trade and Wentz “sucks” at quarterback. Still, I'd venture to say it's a good deal overall. And here's why it's better than you think…

Foremost, a very adequate price for such a quarterback. And then in order.

Wentz's record as the starting quarterback is 44-40-1. To his credit: 20,374 passing yards, 140 passing TDs, 9 TDs on takeaways and 57 INTs. QB Rating 90.1.

A lot of people will say he's injury prone. And they would be right. But… even though he's been injured and missed games, Carson has still been a starter in 85 of the 97 games he's played in his 6 seasons in the league.

His two worst years were his rookie season in 2016 and his final year in Philadelphia in 2020. Wentz's record for those two seasons was simply abysmal: 10-17-1, 32 TDs and 29 INTs.  The other four seasons, including last year: 34-23, 108 TDs and 28 INTs. Which you have to agree is pretty good.

On Wentz's record for the 2021 season: 3,563 passing yards, 27 passing TDs and just 7 INTs.

McLaurin might be the best receiver Carson Wentz has ever played with. And there is hope that this duo can be a formidable weapon for Washington Commanders.

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