How Fast is Lamar Jackson? He is a speedster

How Fast is Lamar Jackson? He is a speedster

Lamar Jackson ran for 50 touchdowns at Louisville and is a true dual threat for Baltimore although he doesn’t run the ball as much as in college.

Lamar Jackson’s speed made him the fastest ever quarterback in the Madden videogame franchise.

Originally starting with a sprint speed rating of 94 for the 2019 edition of Madden, upgrades during the NFL season altered his speed to 96 thanks to some brilliant runs on the gridiron.

The updated speed stats allowed Jackson to top his childhood quarterback idol Michael Vick as fastest quarterback of all-time.

Speaking of Jackson’s speed, in 2019, he broke Michael Vick’s record for the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single season.

Playing against the New York Jets, Jackson broke Vick’s record on a five-yard run in the game’s first quarter as Baltimore went on to win 42-21.

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson broke Vick’s single-season mark of 1,039 yards, which was set in 2006. Jackson finished the season with 1,206 rushing yards.

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