7 Fastest NFL Players You Will Ever See

Now throughout NFL history there have been some ridiculously fast players they could nearly outrun your car. Among the fastest players in NFL history, that list mainly consists of running backs, receivers, so it's surprising that Mike vick is on it as a quarterback. Let's see who's the 7 Fastest NFL Players.

Fastest NFL Players

Fastest NFL Players

Back in the day, there was an event at the Pro Bowl called the NFL's fastest man competition. It was a short race between four selected players to try and decide who was the fastest player at the Pro Bowl. This event had been going on for decades, and it was a fan favorite, who doesn't love a good old-fashioned footrace. They are going to have one heat and may the best man run fast, and they're all, but after 2007 the NFL decided to give up this tradition. Here's the 7 Fastest NFL Players You Will Ever See.

7. Michael Vick

Vick had an e lead arm, but his game was playing strongly around his speed, which is why he was often considered the second running back on the team. In the 2001 NFL Combine, Michael Vick clocked in at 433 in his 40-yard dash, making him the fastest NFL player in the 40-yard dash at the quarterback position.

At Michael Vick's pro day prior to the draft, he ran a 433, but there are records of him running times as low as four to five but that time it puts him third all the time in the combine and right behind Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson and Bengals wide receiver John Ross.

Michael Vick's biggest claim was that in the 2004 version of EA sports madden, he had a 95 speed rating, making him virtually unstoppable. Although in the later years of the madden series, many players got to have 99 speed rating. Michael is the first to do it but even with all the super quick talent we've seen over the years, Michael Vick still thinks he's the fastest NFL player.

During an interview on the Dan Patrick show Michael Vick even said “these guys are young, and they're fast, and they're quick : the thing I do have is a very quick get up. I really don't feel like there's a quarterback in the league who can beat me in a 40-yard dash. If somebody wants to set something up, I'll be more than glad to accept the talents. But as a right now I'm gonna say me. But Colin Kaepernick is fast and rg3 as fast as well.

6. Chris Johnson

With Chris Johnson otherwise known as CJ 2k using his agility and speed to outright embarrass his opponents. There's no surprise that he statistically one of the fastest NFL players ever.

In the 2009 NFL Combine, Chris Johnson said the record for the 40-yard dash with a time of 4 to 4 seconds and the record stuck until 2017 when bingos receiver john Ross broke it with a 4 to 2 that brought up a conspiracy theory for none other than Chris Johnson who when John Ross broke his record was instantly convinced that the combine was rigged so that the Binger receiver could have the record. He still believes this conspiracy and still thinks he should have the record for the 40-yard dash.

During an interview on Good Morning football, Chris Johnson even said, “still to this day I don't believe he beat it”.

Although he had held the 40-yard dash for almost a decade. He thinks he's the fastest player to ever play in the NFL.

During an interview of TMZ, Chris Johnson said “I think I'm a Hall of Famer and the fastest guy who ever played in the NFL.

With his speed being such a big part of his success, he broke many rushing records, and some of them still stand today. On October 18th against the New England Patriots, he became the first running back in the NFL history to accumulate more than 125 yards and have run for no less than five yards per carry and did it in six consecutive games. Related : How Fast is Lamar Jackson? He is a speedster

5. LaDainian Tomlinson

With LaDainian Tomlinson considered not only one of the strongest backs of all time but also one of the fastest. His ridiculous speed is why he shattered so many NFL records.

In the 2001 NFL Combine. LaDainian ran a four for six in the 40-yard dash, and he got up to 18 miles per hour, his speed led him into great success as a running back and led to many records. They don't call him the king of records for no reason.

Out of all the records he has, the one that stands out the most is his touchdown in a single-season record, with 31 in 2006. Breaking the previous record of 28 from the Seattle Seahawks former running back Sean Alexander.

There were a lot of NFL legends that talked him up during the ceremony. The great defensive back from the Denver Broncos, Champ Bailey, when as far as comparing him to Emmitt Smith by saying “he was sort of electrified. I compared him to a smaller version of Emmitt Smith, but he was faster, and he was swifter. He just had a little bit more spark to him.”

Erik Hicks who's a former defensive end from the Chiefs had this to say about LaDainian gift when he said“ LT was dynamic. He brought a set of skills to the NFL that a lot of people hadn't seen before. His versatility. His speed. Any time he touched the ball, he could hit a home run, or he can get a tough first down, whatever the charges really needed, he was the heart and soul of the team for several years.”

His speed and agility were so unpredictable that opposing teams often looked like they completely just shut down when trying to tackle or contain him.

Former teammate of Tomlinson's and chargers fullback Lorenzo Neal even commented on his buddy speed when he said, “he was a student of the game. He would study tendencies, and because of his speed, he would step on guy's toes and get on them so quick that they didn't know what to do. So was his ability to get up on people so fast, eat up the cushion and still make moves in a phone booth. It was unbelievable.”

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4. Devin Hester

Hester was drafted late in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He was supposed to fill a roster spot as a backup wide receiver, but surprisingly, he turned into the best kickoff and punt returner in the history of the game.

In the 2006 NFL Combine, Devin Hester ran a four-for-one which wasn't among the top 15 athletes that year, but he would have tied for 11th in the 2020 NFL Combine with a time like that.

Devin Hester's 40-yard dash time might not be that impressive, but in the 2008 copy of Madden, Devin Hester had the unheard-of 100 speed, being the first player to ever have it. His speed showed on the field, making him the greatest Special Teams returner of all time. He holds the record for most punts returned for a touchdown with 14 and the record for most overall returns for a touchdown with 20.

He became the first rookie to return a kickoff for a touchdown during the Super Bowl in Super Bowl 41, when he brought the opening kickoff 92 yards to the house and gave the Bears an early 7-nothing lead.

Devin Hester is very humble when it comes to the debate of who's the fastest player in Miami Hurricanes history, and he won't brag about it, but his teammates do it for him.

During an ESPN interview, his team and Anthony Reddick said : “he's not big-headed about it. That makes him different. You can't tell who he is. folks who do recognize him actually walk up to this college junior in the street and tell him he's the quickest football player in Miami history.”

His college coach even once talked about his speed, saying: “he gives his speed so quickly. Immediate, explosive speed.”

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3. Randy Moss

Randy Moss being known for his hands, not many people respect the pure speed Randy head down the sidelines, when he beats you, it was known as getting moss. During his time in high school, he was not only the star wide receiver, but he also played basketball, baseball and track and field.

As a sophomore in 1992 15 year-old, Randy Moss joined the track and field team. He was the West Virginia state champion in the 100 and 200 meter dash. Four times of ten point nine four and twenty-one nine five seconds.

Later on at Marshall University, he would go on to lower his 200-meter time to 21.15. He would skip his senior year at Marshall and enter the NFL Draft, but later decided to skip the NFL Combine and get an individual workout at Marshall's pro day.

He ran the 40-yard dash at four to five seconds. Not only did his speed and outrun his defender, but it helped him with his routes and getting space from the defender.

Vikings veteran running back Robert Smith noticed something special about moss on the first day of camp in 1998. During lunch on the first day Robert Smith explained how fast and good of an athlete Moss was by saying : “I saw something Moss did that first day, and I'll never forget it, it was like a 15 yard dig route and I remember the speed in which he made the cut. How easily he separated and how quickly he was able to go up top and snatch the ball out of the air, never losing stride and getting upfield. It was something I had never seen before athletically.

Tony Dungy` 1998 Buccaneers were the first team to see what Randy Moss had in the first game of the season.

Dungy had confidence in his defense, but the only thing he was concerned about was Randy Moss` speed, and he showed this when he said: “hey, whatever you do, keep this guy in front of you. Make sure you don't give him the D ball. And then he proceeded to get behind us twice for 48 and 31 yard touchdowns, we lost 31-7 all that talking, and he just ran past us, and it was like guys couldn't judge his speed, he was so freakish.”

It took Randy Moss a while to get over the fact of retiring from the NFL because he loved the game so much.

During an interview with NBC Sports. He talked about wanting to return when he said: “where I'm at closing on 40 years old, I think being able to use me inside the 40-yard line for my height, still my skill set, still have my quickness. I think my speed has left a little bit. But my skill set, 16 games, I'd say anywhere between 9 to 12 to 13 touchdowns. Somewhere in there.”

2. Marquis Brown

With Hollywood Brown coming into the league next to a young stud like Lamar Jackson. Their speed together make them arguably the scariest duo in the NFL.

Baltimore Ravens top draft pick Marquis Brown made history in his opening game, being the first player to score multiple 40-plus yard touchdowns in his first game. During the game he reached a top speed of 20 point 2 miles per hour, and the crazy thing about that, is that during an interview after the game, Marquis said:“ that was, like nowhere, near my top speed.”

His speed is definitely the most important part of his game, and it's something that the defense needs to worry about.

Teammate Earl Thomas 230 was so impressed by Marquis` speed after his historic first game. That interview after the game, Earl said: “Brown has a different speed, you definitely have to know where he is at all times any time he goes deep, he makes another teammates job easier.

Teammate Mark Andrews tied in for the Ravens also had this to say about his opening performance when he said : “he's a guy that can really blow the top off of defenses. They have to respect it because of his speed. He's such a fast player, so it helps the guys that are inside with crossing routes and over the middle and opens up some lanes for the quarterback to throw. so, I'm excited to see how that turns out as the year goes along and how defenses will have to respect that and what we do with him.

1. Tyreek Hill

With Tyreek Hill being nicknamed cheetah, there is no doubt that his skill sets him above the rest when it comes to pure speed and agility. While Tyreek Hill wasn't clocked in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine, he did partake in the University of West Alabama pro day.

Draftscout.com has Hills official Pro Day times at 4.28 and 4.29 seconds for his two attempts in the 40-yard dash. Draft Scout also shows Hill posting a low time of four to five seconds at some point in his career.

While attending Coffee high School in Douglas, Georgia back in 2012. Hill around the 200 meters in 20 point one four seconds, and that time was good enough for the second-fastest high school mark at the time and one that would have put Hill 6th at the 2012 Olympic Games, only behind some pretty big names like Usain Bolt. Related : Facts about Marshawn Lynch.

That’s all 7 Fastest NFL Players You Didn't Know, tell us who you think is the Fastest NFL player in 2021!

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