NFL News: Wednesday , 23 Aug. 2023

NFL News: Wednesday , 23 Aug. 2023

The San Francisco 49ers coaching staff has announced that quarterback Sam Darnold has won the battle for Brock Pardy's backup spot.

This makes Trey Lance the third quarterback on the roster - it's likely that the 49ers will try to trade the player before the regular season begins. It's a sad new twist in the young quarterback's controversial career.

The 49ers selected him at No. 3 overall in the 2021 draft, giving up 3 picks for him in the first few rounds. He was named the team's starting quarterback last year, but injured his ankle and was out for the rest of the season in just his second game.

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New York Jets receiver Corey Davis, waived from practice 10 days ago, said he is taking a career break.

The 28-year-old left the team's location for "personal reasons" after the second preseason game.

Davis signed a sizeable contract with the Jets in 2021, but failed to live up to it, mostly due to injuries.

The competition at the receiver position has increased this year. I wonder if Hard Knocks will show this moment.

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Dallas Cowboys DE Sam Williams was arrested for possession of a controlled substance (police noted it wasn't marijuana) and an unregistered firearm.

Team owner Jerry Jones couldn't resist making an ironic comment when speaking to reporters. "He's growing up. How much was he driving now [when the police detained him]? 106 kilometers per hour? That's 50 kilometers per hour less than last year. So there's an improvement." Williams was arrested for speeding last year.

More NFL News:

  • Kansas City Chiefs Defensive tackle Chris Jones is willing to continue his strike until Week 8 of the regular season. He's willing to lose $1.1M per game because he "can afford it".
  • Former DE DeMarcus Ware will be inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Fame this season.
  • The Indianapolis Colts continue to accept trade offers for running back Jonathan Taylor. So far, 6 teams have expressed interest, and two of them have put forward specific offers. One of the two is the Miami Dolphins.

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