Lamar Jackson is pitching a perfect game | Fantasy football game 2019

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People really thought Lamar Jackson couldn’t throw now he’s pitching a perfect game

hope Lamar Jackson play like this all year
Lamar Jackson is perfect so far I’m glad he’s off to a great start. 

wasn't joking when he said he's looking to throw the ball more this season. Lamar Jackson is 7-7 with 196 yards and 3 TDs including a DEEP to Snead for 33 yards resulting in a 3rd TD and a thrashing of Miami
28-0 Ravens

It would be so Browns if, after all the Baker Mayfield hype, Lamar Jackson ends up being the better QB.

Lamar Jackson is performing open heart surgery on the field like a Resident in Johns Hopkins.
Dolphins are their normal hapless selves.

So, is Lamar Jackson still just a running back? #Ravens

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