Lamar Jackson great performance in the first few weeks

In the opening match of the season against Miami Dolphins, Jackson finished 17th out of 20 to get 324 yards from the career level and five touchdowns, making him the youngest player in the quadrilateral back to achieve an ideal rating for passers-by in a 59-10 win. He was awarded the AFC Player of the Year award for his outstanding performance. During the second week against the Arizona Cardinals, Jackson rushed for 120 yards and threw for 272 yards and two relegation as the Ravens won 23-17. Two passes of relegation, a record of Ravens for more assists in the first two games of the season. Jackson also became the first NFL player to spend more than 250 yards and flow 120 yards in one game.

Jackson had opportunities to make big plays and expand drives against Browns. In the third quarter, he made one pass to Marquise Brown in third place down, forcing Ravens to settle for a field goal. In the last quarter of the year, Jackson made a mistake in dealing with Mark Andrews, and threw his way when the narrow end was going in the middle.

Pittsburgh Steelers, who do not win the next game for Jackson and Ravens, are fourth in the NFL this season (28.3). But with the Baltimore defense struggling as he had several times before and with upcoming games against teams such as Los Angeles Rams, Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots, Ravens' fate rests on Jackson's arms and legs
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