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The NFL need Antonio Brown he's like Test Answers!

32 years old Antonio Brown, a brilliant receiver who, throughout the past season, has attracted attention in a completely non-football way.
A few years ago, the leadership of the team decided who to give the big contract to - Mike Wallace or Antonio Brown. Then Antonio was selected in the Pro Bowl as returning, but had already spent the season with a thousand yards at the reception. I went to Tomlin and said that if they give a lot of money to Brown, they will create a monster. I knew about it, the guys in the locker room knew about it. Everyone except the management understood what could happen if this guy gets a big contract. They decided to let Mike go and signed an agreement with Brown. On his first training, he arrived with a flying gait.
Everything in him said - look who you are dealing with! Right on the field, I almost got into a fight with him. He began to dare Dick Lebo, who simply asked him not to argue with Keenan Lewis. He shouted that Lewis had no right to touch him, because he is now a franchise.- Talks about Brown, his former partner, Ryan Clark.

Antonio Brown

32 years old Antonio Brown, a brilliant receiver who, throughout the past season, has attracted attention in a completely non-football way.

Antonio Tavaris Brown was born on July 10, 1988 in Miami. His father, Eddie Brown, played for Albany Firebirds and was a soccer arena superstar. In 2006, he was recognized as the best player in league history. In Miami School, Norland Antonio was the leader of the football team, playing running, receiver and quarterback.
He also became the state champion in the 4x100 meter relay. After graduating from school, Brown planned to enter the University of Florida Atlantic, but was refused due to lack of academic performance. Unsuccessful was an attempt to enter the Alcorn State. Antonio spent a year at a preparatory college in North Carolina. He played five matches for his team at the quarterback spot, scoring 1247 yards with 11 touchdowns. The coveted Florida Atlantic offered him a sports scholarship, but even before the start of the season, Brown had a fight with a security guard and was expelled. For some time he trained with Butch Jones, trainer for West Virginia receivers. Then Jones was appointed head coach of the Michigan State and Antonio followed him.

At university, Brown finally moved to the position of receiver. An important role in his fate was played by another coach - Zach Azzani, whose family became Antonio's second home. In his debut season, he scored 1003 yards with six touchdowns and was voted Rookie of the Year at the conference. In 2008, up to a thousand, he was missing just a couple of yards, but Brown was the best on returns. In the last season of his student career, Antonio helped the team win a record twelve wins, scored 1198 yards and set a college record for the number of admissions.

In 2010, before the draft, most analysts predicted Brown would pick in the 5th or 6th round. The prediction turned out to be accurate: Antonio was drafted by the Steelers under a common 195 number in the sixth round. He began the first season in the NFL with the fifth receiver in the team and in his debut game he marked 89-yard touchdown on the return of the first strike. Brown also scored a winning touchdown in his first playoff game in his career. In 2011, he became the first player in league history to score 1,000 yards at a pick-up and return in one season. As a returner, he received an invitation to his first career Pro Bowl. In the summer of 2012, Antonio signed a new contract with the club, and after the departure of Hines Ward, he entrenched in the status of one of the main stars of the Steelers.

In 2013, Brown broke the franchise record for the number of yards at the reception for the season, was again invited to Pro Bowl and hit the first All-Pro team. He also took 23rd place in the list of the best players in the league according to the players themselves. A year later, Antonio again rewrote club records, at the same time becoming the best in the NFL in terms of the number of receptions and yards collected. Later, he succeeded one more time. In 2018, he became the best by the number of touchdowns at the reception. However, during that season, Brown spoiled relations with team quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, spent one match in reserve, and then requested an exchange, despite a previously signed new contract.

In the spring of 2019, he was exchanged at Raiders. Brown began his career in the new team with the words that "he came to raise her to a new level." Further events have not yet been completely erased from the fans' memory. First, Antonio got a frostbite on his legs in a cryochamber and missed almost all the fees. This was followed by the epic with the choice of helmet for the game and the conflict with oakland's general manager Mike Mayock. On the sixth of September he apologized to the club, and the next day he demanded that he be expelled. Immediately after this, Brown signed a contract with the Patriots, managed to play one match, gaining 56 yards, got into a scandal with sexual harassment and was again expelled. The remaining part of the 2019 season, Antonio spent offside, having managed to replenish his portfolio with domestic violence and an attack on a truck driver. On June 12, 2020, the court sentenced him to two years probation, 100 hours of community service and attending anger management courses. Now the disgraced receiver in the status of a free agent is preparing for the new season. If he manages to return to the field and leave aside his problems, then football will only benefit from this.

“I am open to new proposals. I want to be the best version of myself, both on the pitch and beyond. I will do my best to help my teammates. I am grateful to the league for the opportunity to work on myself and become better. I am grateful for the opportunity to play a game that I truly love and I look forward to joining the new team. Thanks to my family and everyone who supported me. I will show my fans that I appreciate their attitude and play the best season of my career. ”- Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is a great player. He may be the best league receiver ever since Jerry Rice. He was a contender for profit centers! But he plays in an extremely dependent position - you run around the field and wait for the quarterback to throw a pass on you. Over the past 6 seasons, he has more than 101 receptions on average per year, at least 1240 yards in each championship. If they took a five-year cycle, then Brown has no equal in the number of receptions - 576, the number of touchdowns - 59. And he is second after Julio Jones in the average number of
yards per game - 100.6. But his behavior has recently crossed all boundaries. He does not respect the team - it is a fact! He did not appear in training, after which he was suspended from the last game of the season. Instead of being with the team to the end, standing on the edge during the match with Cincinnati, Brown defiantly separates from the team, spitting on the common goal. Antonio is jealous of the success of partners. He is only interested in his personal statistics. The whole league knows about this - this is not a secret. Poor JuJu Smith-Schuster seemed ready to fall through the ground when he received this season’s MVP prize at the Steelers. Schuster knows that he has more than one enemy. But Brown could be a mentor for these guys - JuJu, Washington, Rodgers - looked at him with gaping mouths. But Brown is only interested in Brown! 

Brown was disrespectful to team coach Mike Tomlin. During the last press conference of the season, while Mike Tomlin answered questions from journalists (90 percent of the questions were about Antonio Brown), Antonio wrote funny tweets and threw off photos with his smile. Why did Brown have so much fun?
- Every day I choose what to do and what not! I am a man of free will! - Antonio smiled on Twitter, while Mike Tomlin with a sweat on his forehead explained to reporters why Brown did not attend the team meeting on Monday.

Someone will say that being a Big Ben receiver is still a pleasure. What was the first - Ben-egg or Brown-chicken? Did Big Ben get Brown like that, or vice versa? Is it all the same ?! Brown receives $ 17 million a year because he is a professional. Hysterical knots don't get paid that much!
Ben, of course, is still a splinter! No one doubts this. Among Pittsburgh players, Rotlisberger has long had a reputation for being a bad leader. An illustration of this was the scandal during the current season, when Big Ben accused his partners of being to blame for the defeat of “Denver”. He said he should have thrown more at JuJu. Is he serious? He told the press with live Antonio Brown on his team. What was he counting on? You think he is a leader and has the right to such statements. Yes, it does, if it happens at a team meeting. But Ben tells reporters about this.

"Ben never spoke to partners in meetings.” Never! But to take and merge your dissatisfaction with the press - no problem! It annoys everyone! - talks about his former partner Ryan Clark.

But Big Ben is twice an NFL champion
. He was the best in league passing yards in this season. There is no other quarterback who could lead the Pittsburgh! They have no young talent on the bench. And next to Brown is JuJu Smith. The solution is obvious.

JuJu may be the first receiver of the NFL team. He is invited to the Pro Bowl. Yes, he gets the maximum effect from the game opposite Antonio Brown, but this is not the story of Julio Jones and Sanou. Smith Schuster is better than San! JuJu is ready to become an alpha receiver.

In the end, what's the difference - “Pittsburgh” can not get into the playoffs without Brown with his 17-million contract? With him, they were definitely not in the playoffs! Meanwhile, for Brown, you can get a choice in the first round of the draft. If Amari Cooper is worth the first round ...

Brown doesn't care. He will receive his 17 million everywhere. But until March 13 it can not be exchanged. But for now, everything is leaning toward this. Even Art Rooney had already intervened in the matter, who, however, said that it was still difficult for him to imagine “Steelers” without Brown.

- At the moment, the negative from Brown exceeds the positive from his stay in the team! - rigidly declares Mike Tomlin.

But it’s time for Mike Tomlin to ask himself
. Tomlin is a great coach who missed the point. And I'm not talking about the fact that the team lost the last matches of the season and missed the playoffs from the result 7-2-1 during the season. Not about his stupid decisions, for example, fake pant on the fourth down in the match that decided everything with “Saints” (then on the fourth down the ball should have been in Ben's hands!). I'm talking about the fact that only the lazy inside the team, in the locker room, could not understand what was going on. Tomlin probably understood too. But could not do anything about it. And this is his direct fault!

Not to get into the playoffs with such a composition is a real shame. It is even more shameful that all the dirt that has accumulated for many years has surfaced around the team. And the future of the once cute Pittsburgh Steelers depends on how they rake all these smelly masses.

Antonio Brown was suspended Friday 31 July for the first eight games of the 2020 season by the NFL.

Despite the announcements of his retirement, Antonio said on his Instagram that he expects to play in the upcoming season.

Tom Brady believes in Antonio Brown's success in Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Antonio Brown's signing has sparked controversy among Tampa Bay fans. On the one hand, the player has problems with behavior off the field, including accusations of illegal actions of a sexual nature, on the other, Brady receives the amplification and depth of an already powerful Offense. For example, a substitute for Chris Godwin, who had finger surgery and is likely missing the match against the Saints.

Now is the best time for Brown.
Despite all the controversy about Antonio's character and physical form, he makes a good impression. He was always distinguished by his performance on the field, and all his problems were outside the stadium.

Brown settled in Brady's house and with his help he tries to put his life in order.

It is gratifying to see that Tom took the receiver under his wing, because he consistently promotes his candidacy, but another trick Antonio can negatively affect Brady. Recall that in the off season, Bruce Arians spoke negatively about Brown's influence on the atmosphere in the team, and Antonio immediately responded in his own style on Twitter, but later deleted the post. Now, according to Jay Glazer, Arians and Brown have solved all the issues.

Brown needs to showcase the best version of himself, as he wrote before the season on social networks, because he faces expulsion for the slightest joint. I want to believe that Antonio understands that this is his last chance in the NFL, and he will take it seriously. If the player successfully solves his problems off the field, he is quite capable of helping Brady win the seventh championship ring.
Not the best but still good.

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