Everything You Need To Know About Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa is an American football defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Ohio State University, and was drafted by the 49ers second overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. We will dive deep into his total net worth, contract, controversial girlfriend, and more!

Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa Bio

Nicholas John Bosa aka Nick Bosa born on October 23rd, 1997 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

His parents are John Bosa and Cheryl Bosa. Nick was lucky to grow up in a football-rooted family.

His father, John, used to be a professional football player for the Miami Dolphins.

Nick has a brother named Joseph Anthony Bosa who is also a football player for the Los Angeles Chargers of the NFL.

During his high school years, Nick went to St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After he graduated, he attended Ohio State University.

Nick appeared in all 13 games during his freshman year at Ohio State in 2016, landing 29 tackles, with seven that were for a loss, and five sacks.

During his sophomore year, Bosa became the starting defensive end for the Buckeyes in seven games.

However, in 2018, it was reported that the player underwent core muscle surgery, ruling him out for a long time.

In October of that year, Bosa decided to withdraw himself from Ohio State for the rest of the season.

The year after that, DE Nick Bosa decided to skip his senior year to enter the 2019 NFL Draft.

Due to his amazing performances during high school and college, Bosa was chosen by the San Francisco 49ers as the second overall pick in the first round.

Today, he is one of the most solid players in the league along with his brother Joey.

But as he grows in popularity, people begin to wonder about his personal life, like who he’s dating.

Nick Bosa Girlfriend

Calm down girls, Nick Bosa is not married.

However, he is currently dating Jenna Alexa Berman since 2021.

Jenna works as a TikTok influencer and a social media personality. She is also the Co-owner of Berman Sister’s Cookie Co.

Jenna has more than 1 million TikTok followers and about 300k Instagram followers.

Growing up, she went to Florida Atlantic University. Jenna and Nick seem to match pretty well with each other.

However, there were times when the player's girlfriend found herself in controversial situations.

After facing backlash for a few of her old tweets, Jenna was forced to take a step back from social media.

The TikTok celebrity created massive controversy when the Twitter account, “Resist Programming,” reposted a series of tweets from 2013 and 2014, in which Jenna apparently used the N-word several times, as well as a homophobic slur and other racist remarks.

After all this, she deleted her social media accounts, in which she often displayed pictures of Nick and herself having a good time.

Nick Bosa Lifestyle

The San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa sure doesn't shy away from living a comfortable lifestyle.

Right after signing his NFL deal in 2019, Bosa bought a two-story condo located in the Thirty North Ocean developments.

The luxury home is valued at $1.55 million.

Bosa is a total beach bum, so he could not imagine living far from the ocean.

The athlete once stated, “I used to live in lauderdale beach and have tons of good memories as a child.”

Bosa’s condo is one of a 24-unit complex. It includes a private elevator and about 2,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor living areas.

But that’s not all, the complex features sea views and open private balconies with summer kitchens, clubhouses, and beach club membership.

After purchasing this property, the 49ers DE Nick Bosa became a member of the Southern Floridian property owners like his parents John and Cheryl, and his brother, Joey.

Nick Bosa Net Worth | Contract

The NFL DE makes most of his money from playing professional football.

However, his fame has given him sponsors like Nike, Panini, Kroger, and Electronic Arts.

To figure out his total net worth, we can start with his first contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

After an impressive high school career, followed by an even better college career, the 49ers knew he had potential.

In 2019, the Niners offered Nick a four-year deal worth $33.5 million.

From that contract, Nick got paid $22.4 million as a signing bonus and $495,000 as a yearly salary in 2019.

But that’s not all, in 2020, Nick got $454,412 in compensation.

As of today, the talented NFL defensive end has earned a total amount of $24 million in his entire career.

However, by the next few years, Nick is expected to earn much more.

As of the end of this season, Bosa will get $5 million making his total earnings $33.4 million from his four-year deal.

Nick earned almost a million dollars from endorsing several famous brands that we will talk about.

how much is his total net worth?

Nick Bosa has racked up a net worth of $23.7 million which is likely to grow alongside his popularity.

However, Bosa doesn't let his net worth feed off only from NFL contracts. The defensive end also endorses several brands to create more sources of income.

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Nick Bosa Endorsements | Investments

When it comes to endorsing brands, Nick has it all. He has earned more than 1 million dollars from several brand deals.

Companies like Nike, Panini, Optimum Nutrition, Kroger, and Electronic Arts have sent him offers ever since he arrived at the NFL.

As for clothing, Nick is usually seen wearing suits from famous personalities like Michael Strahan for example.

On the day of Nick Bosa’s NFL draft, the athlete wore a suit from Michael Strahan’s collection partnering with the famous brand JC Penny.

Nick is still starting off his football career, who knows what brand he might endorse in the next 5 years.

But brands aren’t the only thing Nick likes to contribute to, the NFL star has also done a lot for the sport.

Nick Bosa Contribution to Football

Nick was born and raised in a football and sports family. The athlete has learned a lot from his parents and siblings.

Also, he has great admiration for his family members in football. Therefore, Bosa believes in grooming younger athletes for a successful career.

Last year in June, Nick addressed his eagerness to help kids learn football skills by partnering with Citibank and ProCamps.

These organizations have been helping young athletes in training with some of the biggest names in sports.

The defensive player, Bosa, is new to his demanding career and is likely to open up and contribute to several causes as he establishes himself well.

More than anything, Nick is capable of learning from his mistakes.

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