Predictions : First round of NFL 2021

Football season is almost in full swing. It's time to start thinking about the NFL 2021 season. Here is a list of the first round predictions for the 2021 NFL Week 1 First Round.

Predictions : First round of NFL 2021

Fitzpatrick will be a godsend.

Fitz's merry-go-round starts up again. Whoever's in time, sits down. The owner of the world's most magnificent beard will start the regular season as usual, then get weird, give up his spot in the starting lineup to a reserve, and then rush to save the country. We've been there many times before, you can't fool us. The start of the season is the time when fans longing for football are most easily charmed. In fact, that's why everyone loves and respects Ryan. In Week 1, the quarterback will face a Chargers defense that is also good and attractive, but failed against Fitzpatrick's previous team in 2020. Back then, Tua played a pretty solid game (with 2 TDs, no interceptions and no taken sacks), which probably brought the decision to throw the veteran off the ship closer. He swam out in the capital's pond and will now desperately start spinning the wheel again. To the nearest reef.

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The Giants will be without touchdowns

Preseason isn't really an indicator at all, but it's a fact that Denver hasn't let an opponent into their own net in any of its three summer games. If there's one thing the current Broncos are good at, it's defense. The only way to get far on it is the short distance to the playoffs, but you still have to get there. The first cautious move will be made today under the best possible circumstances. With Game Manager Bridgewater (not yet decided to bring Locke back) and against a team that is very, very hard to score points. What state their main recruiter, Saquon Barkley, is in is the question. Last year, the Giants had as many as three games without a recorded touchdown. They could very well do it again this year.

Texans won't turn out so bad

Everyone has already made a cross (and a zero) on Houston. There's a good chance the team will indeed finish the season in the bottom three. The current roster on one-year contracts is clearly designed for a transitional period. But that's us thinking from the club's bell tower. These same guys, who will become free agents in the winter, will be battling for future jobs here and now, proving not only and not so much to Texans management their fitness. Tyrod Taylor misses football, he's finally healthy and ready to prove they didn't want to make him a starter in multiple cities for nothing. More importantly, Jacksonville, last year's worst team with a rookie quarterback, is in contention. You know the last time a passer picked in the first round of the draft won in the first round? Way back in 2002. Curiously enough, it was David Carr of... Houston.

Clowney will be lost on the field

The Browns' new DL spoke volumes in the offseason, finally getting J.J. Watt as a teammate. And everyone remembers how the Chiefs' offensive line played its last game. But it's also important to remember that in recent years, Clowney was pretty much only good against the spread, and Kansas' o-line has undergone significant changes since the Super Bowl. After all, Jadeveon is playing against September's Patrick Mahomes. This is a special kind of quarterback to be reckoned with. In the first month of the fall, Patrick has 34 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in the NFL, averaging 330 yards per game, all three of his first three games of the season ending with at least three touchdowns. Anyway, wait for Clowney at the presser, he'll be bright and prominent again.

Ravens will be successful in the takeout game

Baltimore has its own pandemic that has nothing to do with the coronavirus, but not much joy either. The first, second, and third line on the early-back corps are out with injuries for the rest of the season. The club urgently stuffed the roster (base and practical-squad) with free agents who are already striking names rather than stats. But. If we don't want to overrate Murray, Bell and Freeman, should we do so with regard to Dobbins, Edwards and Hill? What is their objective place in the NFL running back rankings? Still, the Ravens have everything coming off of Roman's schemes and Lamar's legs. Tom, by the way, is aided by the return of one of the league's best left tackles. And the Raiders' defense is of questionable quality. They'll learn their stuff.

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