Top 10 NFL Touchdown Leaders

See the latest NFL Touchdown leaders here. Read the history of the NFL touchdown leaders and see who has the most touchdowns in NFL history. It's also useful to see how many touchdowns some of the top players in the NFL scored in their careers.

Top 10 NFL Touchdown Leaders
Who has won the most NFL Touchdowns? See the list of the top 10 NFL touchdown leaders (and see who has the most TDs ever)

1. Tom Brady — 649 TDs

Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, is one of the most successful players in National Football League history. Brady has won more MVP awards than any other player in NFL history. He has Seven Super Bowl wins to his name, two at which he was named Super Bowl MVP. He holds the record for most touchdown passes in a season.

2. Drew Brees — 571 TDs

Drew Brees is the record holder for the most touchdowns thrown by a quarterback but Tom Brady broke the record on the Sunday Night Game against Giants.

3. Peyton Manning — 539 TDs

Peyton Manning is a legendary NFL quarterback. He played for Indianapolis Colts from 1998 until 2011, before being signed by the Denver Broncos. He is a 5-time Super Bowl Champion and renowned across the world for his extraordinary aptitude of throwing a football accurately.

4. Brett Favre — 508 TDs

Brett Favre was a quarterback who played professional American football for 20 seasons and is an inductee of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He became the only player in NFL history to pass for 508 touchdowns, throwing for most yards passing with most passes attempted.

5. Aaron Rodgers — 475 TDs

Aaron Rodgers became the fifth in the Touchdowns Leaders List, broke Philip Rivers Record by scoring  his 422 touchdown pass against Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday game.

6. Philip Rivers — 421 TDs

QB Philip Rivers played for Indianapolis Colts and Los Angeles Chargers, scored 421 Touchdowns in 17 seasons. 

7. Dan Marino — 420 TDs

QB Dan Marino played for the Miami Dolphins, scored 420 TDS, inducted to hall of Fame in 2005, won Offensive Player Of The Year and Walter Payton Award.

8. Ben Roethlisberger — 418 TDs

QB Ben Roethlisberger scored 418 touchdowns, won 2 Super Bowls with Pittsburgh Steelers and Offensive Player Of The Year Award.

9. Matt Ryan — 381 TDs

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has scored 381 touchdowns, won 1 Super Bowl MVP and Offensive Rookie of the year award.

10. Eli Manning — 366 TDs

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning scored 366 touchdowns, winning 2 Super Bowl MVPs and Walter Payton Award. 

That's All Top 10 NFL Touchdown Leaders.

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