Top Five interesting questions about Tom Brady always asked | NFL 2019

"Tom Brady" 
is one of the most famous players in the NFL and from the highest paid players and top quarterbacks in NFL, so people and fans like to ask Google many questions about him, here's the Top 5 QUESTIONS Asked about Tom Brady. 

- How many super bowls has Tom Brady played in?

it's so interesting question from Tom Brady lovers  they always ask this interesting question, so we have no problem to answer it, by the way Tom Brady has played 9 super bowls with the Patriots

- How much does Tom Brady make a year?

People always ask about money, they also have a curiosity of how much money their favorite football player make, Ok curious we will tell you how much money Tom Brady is the best QB ever play the game, he's ranked number 81 in " the world highest paid athletes" list.

*Total earnings :  $27.1 Million dollars.
* salary / win : $15 million dollars.
* Endorsement : $12 million dollars.

- How many rings does Tom Brady have?

Brady has 6 championship rings.

- Tom Brady is Single? 😍

It's a question from the lovely girls who love Tom Brady, no, Tom Brady is not single, he was in a relationship with "blue blood" actress Bridget Moynahan but their relationship broken up, and she's married now to new York buissness man Andrew Franklin , and Tom Brady is now married to Gisele Bundchen

-Does Tom Brady have kids?

Tom Brady has three cute kids, the oldest one, "Jack" 12 years old, from his first girl friend  Bridget and "Benny" 10 years old, "Vivian" 7 years old are from his wife Gisele.

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