NFL 2020 Week 2 Games :  Highlights, Review and Results


Raiders vs Saints

Impressed- NFL 2020 Season. Week 2 Highlights and Results. 

Overreaction is too hasty and emotional response to an event. Quite often it is not objective. Sometimes it is not true.

Browns vs Bengals 35-30

Here are the future champions! Well, what - is it possible to humiliate the Browns after one week, but to extol it after the second? In fact - if not for the typical Mayfield interception, Cleveland's offensive play would have made the most positive impression. Nick Chubb took all the strength away from the Bengals defense and Kareem Hunt finished off those tired guys in the last quarter. Steep takeaway, good play-calling, accurate Mayfield are the obvious recipe for a good offense.

61 attempts to pass ... So many newcomers have not passed for 20 years. But then we saw enough of what we wanted - Joe Burrow playing. Well, it should be noted that there were no interceptions for these 61 attempts. But it is alarming that long programs, in fact his student's bread, do not play Bengals at all. Where the hell was John Ross running the whole game, and how did A.J. Green get the little Ward shut tight?.

Total yards 353 - 434
Yards per draw 4.0 - 7.5
Passing yards 285 - 219
Yards per pass 4.5 - 9.5
Yards on the set 68 - 215 Clearing attempts
24 - 35
Yards per try 2.8 - 6.1
Penalties 4/45 yards - 8/76 yards
Fumbles 1 - 0
Interceptions 0 - 1
Sacks 3 - 0

Baker Mayfield - 16 out of 23 at 219 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT
N. Chubb - 22 attempts at 124 yards (99 of them after contact), 2 TD, 1 hold at 9 yards
K. Hunt - 10 attempts at 86 yards, 1 TD, 2 holds at 15 yards, 1 TD
O. Beckham Jr. - 4 receptions at 74 yards, 1 TD

Titans vs Jaguars 33-30

Titans win again with a far from the best play of their main Offensive leader. This time, Henry didn't even score 100 yards on 25 tries. Their defense still doesn't look like something impregnable, even in spite of 2 interceptions. But this 2-0 is the team's best start in 12 years. I think Ryan Tennehill should be given credit. Well, okay, we will give the Gostkowski too.

Take off your masks, go outside. Breathe in. Do you feel it? This Minshew mania is spreading around the world faster than Covid-19. And if you've watched the first two Jaguars matches, you're already infected. Trevor Lawrence? No, have not heard.

Panthers vs Buccaneers 17-31

No, how many losses are you going to make? Christian McCaffrey cannot be beaten by losing the ball 100 million times per game, while throwing the runner on the screen. Teddy pull yourself together so we can call you Theodore!

Guys, you failed last week, but that's not a reason to barely win this week. A million losses were committed against you and you still could not break away at a comfortable distance for yourself. No, I understand that Christian McCaffrey also tried his best, threw stupid interceptions there. Fortunately, at least this time he was able to convey to Evans that the routes must be run to the end, and not the first 3 steps.

Broncos vs Steelers 21-26

Steelers vs Broncos

The second game has passed and it's time to prepare for the third.

This will be "Texans Week"

Steelers future rivals in the first two weeks allowed the most pressure on the quarterback - 57.

Our condolences to the Denver Broncos team. We lost a quarterback for several weeks, and even the best res for the whole season, but we were able to put up decent resistance away against the constantly blinking Steelers. The main thing is that they signed Blake Bortles!

They broke themselves - they created problems for themselves. It happened more than once that the defense dominating against one quarterback, having broken him, did not know what to do with the second. So it was with the guys from the Steelers, despite the fact that they seemed to do everything the same way, Driskel constantly found partners with transmissions, although stop, maybe the Steelers just played bad ?!

There was a chance to Denver to win, but sat down to 0-2 with a wild set of starter injuries:

* QB Drew Lock - throwing arm shoulder injury (3-6 weeks out)

* WR Curtland Sutton tore the crosses and ended

* OLB Vaughn Miller's season , given that the team past PO - finished

* DE Dre'Mont Jones - knee injury (4 weeks)

* DL DeMarcus Walker - knee injury (indefinite)

* RB Phillip Lindsey - toe injury (will miss 2-3 weeks)

* CB AJ Bouye - shoulder injury (will miss 2-3 weeks)

49ers - Jets 31-13

As Thanos said in the movie about the Avengers - victory "at the cost of everything", this is how you can describe the meeting with the Jets. It seems the most passable game of the season buries the chances of repeating last year's results. All the fault of the injury, let's see who we lost:

QB Jimmy Garoppolo - got an ankle injury in the first quarter, but was able to run the first half. The stretch received in this game put the quarterback out for at least 4 weeks.

RB Raheem Mostert - also left the field after the first half with a sprain, with a two to four week forecast.

RB Tevin Coleman - received a painful blow to the knee, the specific injury and the severity are unclear.

Add to these guys the loss of Nick Bosa by the end of the season, Richard Sherman and George Kittle and the prospect becomes daunting.

Excuse me, but where are the disability playoffs distributed? You can have one, very much needed. The 49ers are suffering loss after loss and their long-term prospects in the strongest division in the NFL are becoming dimmer and dimmer. The joy is small - a victory without a bunch of players from the base and the game of Jordan Reed.

Yesterday I saw an advertisement for a phone charger that works by turning a small knob, such as converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Complete crap, which of course does not charge anything. But it also works better than the Jets. This team has nothing. Although no - they have a coach who would definitely not be better. It is doubtful that the Jets' management, which never fired coaches after the first weeks, will take this step, so that the fans of the New York Jets can only sympathize.

Receiver Breshad Perriman is likely to miss the Colts this Sunday. The footballer suffered a sprained ankle in a match with the 49ers.

Also, most likely, the upcoming match will miss the center Connor McGovern. Lineman stretched the back of his thigh in the last match. The severity of the injury is not serious, but nevertheless takes time to recover.

Bills - Dolphins 31-28

Well, you know - if Josh Allen needed only one cool receiver for SUCH a game - I'm ready to take back all the criticism about him. 70% accurate passes in 2 matches and not a single interception! Application for profit center. But the defense of the Bills is still overrated. They needs to try much better.

Even if it looked nice, the Dolphins will not affect the long-term prospects. I would like to assess the state of Tua and see him in this offense. Gesicki and Parker are quite worthy playmakers who should help the guy join the NFL. But their protection ... keep quiet.

Vikings vs Colts 11-28

They renewed his contract this offseason ... And in the first two games they have 372 yards, 2 touchdowns, 2 safes and 4 steals ... But it wasn't just the Vikings that broke something. Their protection also does not work and this is even more unexpected. Over the past 20 years, only one in ten teams that started 0-2 have made the playoffs. There is a strong feeling that the current Vikings will not be included in this percentage.

That's how it is! It turns out that if you endure more than Rivers passes, then everything turns out much more efficiently. It never happened, and here it is again. You also get excellent time control. The Colts now appear to have made the right move with the Jonathan Taylor Draft, which could be a good workhorse.

Rams vs Eagles 37-19

They are back? Did the breakup with McVeigh's offense only last one season? Jared Goff looks like a cool quarterback again, the clearance goes without Gurley and despite injuries, and even the offensive line fits the concept right. Only now - zero sacks on Wentz? Seriously, Aaron?

Who broke Carson Wentz? And I'm not talking about health now. Carson looks like his pale shadow, betraying a failed match after a failure. And here it is no longer possible to buy off the bad play of the line - he tried as best he could. And what happened to this protection? Is he capable of anything useful?

Lions - Packers 21-42

When Mitch Trubisky rapes your karma, hitting three touchdowns in a quarter and snatching victory, you can no longer win and put up serious resistance. Detroit has been brutally abused today, and Patricia should worry about being sent back to Boston to mop the floors.

Aaron is great! Are you thinking of Rodgers? But you didn't guess! Aaron Jones destroyed his opponent almost alone. Yes, the line opened gaps, and Rodgers found it in gears, but 168 yards on the ground + 68 in the air and 3 TD is strong. Theory: Is Jones on Patricia's fantasy team?

Falcons vs Cowboys 39-40

You can understand the teams from the CIS who are told about the game in special teams on the way to the game or in the huddle before the start, but you, you professionals! The team that hit the most onside kicks last year doesn't know that the ball should be hit right away?!? Ahh, now it became clear to me - these guys apparently thought that they were pushing the onside, and not for them, and out of habit they waited 10 yards, and then "Surprise, lovers of mothers ..."

Handsome men! We found someone's eggs in the locker room during the break and they came up like a glove! After a terrible first half, great football on both sides of the ball. Dak Prescott is definitely hinting at a new contract, and the whole team is hinting that they are ready to bite into the playoffs. Nobody doubts the victory in the division.

Giants vs Bears 13-17

The Giants did everything to make Mitch Trubisky look cool. They let them wear them, missed the programs, and after the departure, Barkley could not even play for themselves and for that guy. I think the guys are going to pick high in the draft again and now we can safely continue to educate Jones.

Bears go 2-0. Who would have expected this after they called "Pipe" quarterback for this season? Nobody. No sane Chicago fan would have thought of this, but here we are. We are watching Mitch's good play and the excellent work of the offensive line. True, there is one "but", or rather two - it was just Detroit and New York. It will be more interesting further.

Washington Team vs Cardinals 15-30

Only Wilson can play with such a line. They don't hold a damn thing, they don't block it, they can't do a damn thing! Well, also, when you have McLaurin and a former Arizona quarterback, you shouldn't hope for good. Our prediction is that Washington will be in the Top 5 in the 2021 Draft.

Murray is good, Hopkins is even better. In general, a very cheerful team. It's a pity their division is furious this season, but even from it you can try to get into the wild card from 7th place. Their schedule is such that if they continue in the same spirit, they can start 7-0. Easy skating rink!

Ravens vs Texans 33-16

Nothing interesting happens. Well, actually. Clearances, passes. Good protection. The Ravens are one of the most boring teams of this season, but it is understandable, not their fault that no one can put up worthy resistance to them. Perhaps we can see something interesting next week in the match with the Chiefs

I didn't even want to write about this command at the beginning. There were times when Bill seemed like an adequate guy, Now this "Texans" does not drag in offense and fails in defense ...

Chiefs vs Chargers 23-20 (OT)

Patrick mahomes

Mahomes played the worst half of his career, but would not be Mahomes if he had not corrected himself for the ending. However, how Patrick Mahomes did not feel comfortable under such intense pressure should be alarming. At least before meeting with Ravens. These, unlike the Chargers, also blitz.

Anthony Lynn - what the heck !? Are you passing the ball in overtime to the best quarterback in the NFL instead of playing 4-for-1? It would work against  Browns, Raiders, and many more. But against a champion you have to take risks to win.  caution, make the rookie hero of the day!

Seahawks vs Patriots 35-30

Russell Wilson is a monster. A person has 9 touchdowns in 2 weeks on, wait wait, 11 inaccurate passes. Jamal Adams generally became the killer on the other side of the ball. No, we knew that he could, but there he was alone, and here he has a team.

The Patriots are great fellows, but we only have one question. Cam Newton, why did you participate in Nascar? Why did you play the same combination in the same direction on the goal line? Did you think the Seahawks defenders would let you pass so easily the third time? Well, you really didn't play with the Jets

Saints vs Raiders 24-34

Well, maybe you just go out on the field and shoot all your defenses in the legs? 10 offenses per 100+ yards! Distinguished on both sides of the ball. Saints' defense was not playing the best match anyway, and then there was a lot of fouls. Nightmare! And Drew Brees, who seems to be filling statues in passes to Kamara, is not at all impressive. Brees, are you still able to throw far?

Two wins for a team that seems to be playing without pass rushers and receivers. Hmm ... I would call it funny if it wasn't so moody. It's nice to see a new star among the League's tight-end camp, and we all know Josh Jacobs is a real tank, but we were waiting for Henry Ruggs & Co. Well , okay, victories don't smell.

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